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Is the Game Never Over?

Here are ten tongue-in-cheek ways you can begin to make a dent in Johnny’s videogame time. You may notice a little bit of yourself in them.

10.  Smash his Xbox; take a picture for your fridge.

9.  Set time monitor software on his Wii; when play time expires, prepare him for bachelorhood by teaching him how to vacuum.

8.  Demand he stop playing, wielding your vast positional authority as his parent.

7.  Coax him to read Great Expectations, employing only your potent personal power.

6.  Beg him to stop in the whiniest voice you can muster—that voice you once used on your parents.

5.  Trick him into stopping (your favorite dessert is on the table for dinner!) then hide his controller.

4.  Insist your spouse make him stop.

3.  Offer him more time later (when you need him occupied) if he stops now (when you are aggravated).

2.  Start him on creative, productive or service projects using your vast free time.

1.  Leave him alone, with all technology turned off, and witness his inspiringly creative self-management;
take a picture for your fridge.

Photo by Philip Wels via Compfight