About Christian Tech Kids

Front Page 266x400 - About Christian Tech KidsIf you have God in your home, and you have technology in your home, consider having Christian Tech Kids in your home!  Christian Tech Kids will help you integrate common technology within your family in a way that supports Godly character and social civility in technical encounters.  Christian Tech Kids will share concepts and philosophies that will help you tie values and virtues to your family’s technological experiences. It will provide tech advice to simplify your life. It will give you the words you are looking for to develop your children’s awareness of technology at their level. It will help you gain peace of mind.

Christian Tech Kids is developed by a now born-again (once secular) family that has raised children and step-children in both the pre-video game and modern video game eras. We have experienced the challenges of managing children around video games and related technology. With a goal to minimize common unwanted effects of undiscerning video game playing, Christian Tech Kids is concerned for children and their family environments.

“As the family goes, so goes the country.” We hope this site inspires introspection at the family level to intentionally create a positive place for technology in the home–to allow technology as an educational, entertainment and communication tool while being acutely aware of the possible downsides. To better integrate it toward a more positive effect and with God in mind.  We invite you to bookmark this site.

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