Hairy Crowns All Around

It was last year when I ran across the term “hairy crown” in the Bible.  I was immediately struck by how my imagination ran with that fun descriptor, although in context it was being used with serious implications. Still, I could imagine my kids and grandkids being intrigued by it enough to talk about it.  Psalm 68:21 is its source.

But God will strike the heads of his enemies, the hairy crown of him who walks in his guilty ways [sins]. (ESV)

David is singing a song of praise and also describing how God would judge the wicked.

Unreservedly I announced aloud (yeah, to myself), “Hey, you, with the scruffy, hairy crown!  Whaddya doin’? Something right or something wrong? “

A Colorful Phrase Enlivens Biblical Curiosity

So I looked into what a hairy crown meant in Bible terms—I suspected it meant more than just a hairy head.  In fact, it signifies pridefulness (Benson Commentary).  That is certainly a topic worth exploring with our kids—and with a good visual, in this case.

Your teen has seen enough shaggy-headed middle- or high-schoolers to have an image of a hairy crown. And they probably recognize when those scholars are prideful, even if only prideful about their growing mane.

You ask, “Hey, Son, have you seen any hairy crowns recently?”

Hairy Crowns of Pride in Video Games

With an unamused expression, he answers, “Are you talking about an actual crown or a head?”

“Yeah, you’re right…I’m talking about a head. But I like that term “hairy crown.”  I ran across it recently in the Bible. It doesn’t only mean a hairy head.  It means prideful people who weren’t valuing the things God values. Where it’s used in Psalms, it implies they are enemies of God because they refuse to walk in alignment with Him.

 “Do you know some prideful people whom God would call ‘hairy crowned?’ Maybe even in video games…prideful characters or players. Those who think they are the best; they’re cocky or conceited?”

Then hear what he has to say.

You should be able to elicit from him a description of a cocky video game character he’s encountered. Explore pridefulness with him through that character. If you need more understanding of pridefulness, go here.

Hairy Crowns That Intimidate

You may want to color the conversation more: “In Bible times, beastly warriors grew long, shaggy hair, so they might look more threatening to their enemies” (Matthew Poole’s Commentary).   Are there video game characters who are super hairy to be more scary?

He may offer that, in fact, most modern, militaristic characters have close-cropped haircuts, which ties in with their extremely disciplined nature.  That in itself could be a conversation (about appearance, about discipline, etc.).

Wherever he takes the conversation, you are learning about the games he plays, his impressions of various game characters, and his thoughts on pridefulness, just for starters. You are helping him to notice the virtues of God (or the antithesis) in his video games and to teach him biblical language in the process. All toward helping him gain a greater readiness to listen to Him.

Note:   I wrote a recent post about Samson, an Old Testament warrior with a full head of well-maintained hair (hair being part of his consecration to the Lord). I draw a comparison of Samson to Halo’s Master Chief. Today’s dialogue would segue nicely into the Samson post.