About Us

Front Page 266x400 - About UsThe purpose of Christian Tech Kids is to magnify the opportunity parents and mentors have to append Biblical lessons to otherwise common (or secular) online experiences. To share the wisdom of God that could be applied to technical encounters. 

Why It’s Important

“How might the God of the Bible feel about that?” is a worthwhile question you can ask yourself and your family when online. That is what I hope to offer you: a place to learn Biblical passages and their applications that may help us direct our children when they are online. Let’s not say, as I have heard before, “I never considered combining my child’s faith with his screen time.” 

This site will point you to articles and posts that can help you manage how technology is used by your children for school, entertainment, social purposes and more. And I hope to author weekly responses to others’ articles or posts that just beg to be viewed through a Biblical lens. You can find them in my blog.

My Background

Christian Tech Kids’ subject matter may skew toward challenges boys face, as my life experience has been male-centric. My parenting experience includes a beloved, rare daughter (and two grand-daughters) among many loved men.  I have two sons (who are half brothers) and four stepsons.  I have a (late) father, stepfather, three brothers, foster brother (years ago), step-brother, and four grandsons, not to mention my husband.  My husband and I homeschooled our last son; he had an “only child” type of experience.

I respect these men. I have been challenged by them, learned to understand them, and wowed by their abilities, strengths, loyalty and courage. Our country needs us to grow boys into men of conviction who can produce and protect what God has created as “good.” We cannot afford to lose our men to the downsides of technology.

My youngest sons gave me my angle on technology and kids.  In 2000 gaming was barely a thing in our home–definitely a newish trend.  It seemed clear we needed to tie Godly values and virtues to our family’s technological experiences. Peace of mind required that I pay attention to how technology was gaining a foothold in our lives.

I have raised children and step-children in both the pre-video game and modern video game eras. We have lived both a more secularized and then born-again family. I have experienced the challenges of managing children–and the family environment–around video games and other technology.

“As the family goes, so goes the country.” I hope this site inspires introspection at the family level to intentionally create a positive place for technology in the home–to allow technology as an educational, entertainment and communication tool while being acutely aware of the possible downsides. To better integrate it toward a more positive effect and with God in mind.

I invite you to bookmark this work-in-progress.

Updated 6/8/2020