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Happily preoccupied children facing a video game screen may be a common scene in your home. You allow it because they really enjoy it. Still, you have a nagging concern they are playing too much. Anyway, you think, they appear to be learning and developing reasonably, so your concern morphs into ambivalence.

Now they are at it again—too much playing and not enough homework. They are being entertained instead of enriched. You chastise them but feel ineffectual or noncommittal. Or maybe the games seem to be legitimate activity because their grades are good and their friends are all online too. Without it, they would have “nothing to do.” You relent and they play. You feel vaguely guilty.

Other worries arise. Is their brain’s ‘reward’ button getting pressed too much—pressed into a stimulation ‘addiction?’ Is their lack of physical fitness caused by an excess of computer time? Do the siblings seem to play more aggressively after playing action games? Are they reaching unsafe sites or seeing inappropriate ads?

During Sunday worship you notice yourself pondering the ways your kids could be serving God instead of serving themselves by having fun. But to create opportunities to engage them for God means you must carve out time of your own—and you are already pressed for time.

Do one or more of these thoughts about kids and technology persistently nag at you? You are not alone. Parental ‘tech angst’ can be the catalyst that helps you change your children’s interaction with technology. By making simple changes you can improve your family’s connectedness and broaden your children’s interests. It may even bring them closer to God.

If any of these thoughts are your thoughts, please peruse these posts. They may help you clarify a problem you didn’t know how to articulate. They may help you alight on a workable solution. God bless you as you strengthen your convictions and explore helpful ways to manage video games and other technology in your family’s life.