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Restricting Online Access Can Be Inspiring

Place boundaries in effect that are suitable to the child and you won’t need to feel anti-technology. Here’s one example of a boundary with an upside of restricting online access.

Rod Dreher, the author and parent, was himself inspired by the inspiration of his daughter as she filled her free time with croissants, brioche, and a glimpse of the “possibility for her own future.” This post feels warm (and sounds delicious), not full of the rebuke so common to the topic. In addition, curated lists may help you find useful learning resources for kids.

Guilt About Screen Time?

Do you feel mom-shamed about letting your kids have screen time? Check out the post “We Need to Stop Mom-Shaming Over Kids’ Screen Time” by Tracy Tomasso.

She suggests against “broadly dismissing kids’ screen time as “bad,'” because, for example, reading a book online is as legitimate as reading a paperback. She is seeking a “more nuanced dialogue” about what our kids are doing online, while not ignoring the debate about monitoring screen time.  The author’s admission is reasonable that “there’s merit in our children becoming adept at using these devices.”

Authored Content

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You will find ways to minimize negative effects of screens with the wisdom of the Word. Additionally, it will help you bring Biblical concepts and awareness into your children’s everyday online experiences without being heavy-handed. In the end, it will help you improve your children’s screen-related interactions using natural, relevant faith-based object lessons.  

One Christian parent said “I’ve never thought about my son’s faith as being related to his screen time.” Faith can feel so ancient while technology feels very modern.

But what if you intentionally taught your children how to bring their (even limited) Scriptural knowledge to their online gameplay and communication? Or even extended their Biblical knowledge during screen time? Could you then have greater peace of mind with technology?

This site will support you in your Christian parenting around technology.  So while your kids are into technology, they are still remembering they are in Christ, too.

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Updated 7/23/2020