It Doesn’t Just Have to be Entertainment

Turn Entertainment into Enrichment with God in Mind

Have you ever considered directing your child’s entertainment into an enrichment experience that naturally leads to talk of God?

“Today I earned the RCXD on Arms Race!”

“I enchanted my Diamond Chestplate to Bane of Arthropods!”

Admittedly, these exclamations from your child sound like undecipherable mumbo-jumbo. But consider listening when your child tells you about his last videogame session. Don’t shut down this byway of communication.  After all, his eager description is the seed by which you can mold his experience of solo entertainment into enrichment—and a pathway to contemplate God.

Turn entertainment into enrichment that leads to God.

For example, say your child just played (for the 100th time) Call of Duty II like so many preteens do. Enrichment may look like having a WWII documentary queued up that evening. Alternatively, you could initiate a dinner conversation about the war in which a family member served. Continue reading

Consecrate Some Screen Time to God

Could you encourage your children to consecrate some screen time to God soon?

What if it mainly depends on your direct question to them today?  Then a brief reminder again next week? And revisiting the idea again soon after that?

I’m not talking about anything heavy and theological here.

But if you plant the seed, your children can learn over time to devote a portion of their online screen time to Godly undertakings.  They can pursue their own online activities with good, productive things—God things—in mind.

Your starting point is building awareness of their own productive or creative power. Then combine it with the power of your prayer. Continue reading

Are You Initiating or Influencing Your Techy Teen’s Interests?

As I wrote in my previous post Tracking Your Teen On His Technical Path, the course your techy teen takes to follow his technical bliss requires different levels of attention from you as parent. I noticed changing aspects to my own support of my son as he progressed. I see it as a continuum.  You will probably recognize yourself somewhere on this continuum; it likely depends on your teen’s age or his passion for the subject.   It starts at Initiator and Ends at Influencer, with a morphing role in between. Continue reading