Tracking Your Teen on His Technical Path

Staples® may have an EASY button.  But if your teen has a technical bent you lack, a BEWILDERED button may feel more apt.  Wouldn’t it be great to punch BEWILDERED to call on little technical trolls who would direct your child  to the perfect next tool on their personalized technical trajectory?  Now that would be EASY!

So your teen is wading into technical waters beyond your own experience.  He is on a technical trajectory but you can’t see where it’s heading. Does the bright glare of the screen have you frozen in place, wondering how to direct him? (By “him” I also mean her.)  I have been there.  It is easy to distract for a day or a season with another field trip or an elective class. But then he is back, asking you how he can pursue coding, video game development, digital art, or animation. Or how he can take it to the next level. Continue reading

The Night I Wasn’t Mad at Angry Birds

5560435682 bbc957b2a9 - The Night I Wasn't Mad at Angry BirdsBeing a sometime grouser around videogames, I was rankled when my husband launched Angry Birds™ on our 55-inch TV from Roku® during a Father’s Day visit by our children and grandchildren.

Couldn’t we pursue a more desirable activity together? I wondered silently.

But forbearance was called for; it was, after all, Father’s Day.

My stepson began earning points for destroying thieving pigs. Everyone huddled around the sofa, and good-natured ribbing ensued.  We shared strategy and silliness. We talked about the game play while the little ones hopped around simulating the action, wildly gesticulating in response to threats and successes.   We laughed a lot.  To my chagrin, we were sharing quality time together, making a memory.  Father did know best. Continue reading