All 5 Senses

1697182584 32ee1e3ca9 - All 5 SensesHow many of your five senses do you use when you play a video game?

Did you guess two?  That’s right, you use fewer than half your senses when you play a videogame (40%, or 2/5).  You see the game and you hear the game.  What about your sense of taste, touch and smell? They are valuable too!

Doing other things around the house everyday will make life more interesting by using all your senses. Taste what your sister has cooked (if she’ll let you!), touch the flowers in our garden, smell the rosemary bush in the yard. You may happen to notice other interesting things when you do.

Use 100% of your senses every day! Now, doesn’t that make sense?!

Photo cc - All 5 Senses losmininos via Compfight